In her usual fashion, Kim has outdone us all with a fabulously helpful chart to help categorize and visualize your Shimmerz Paints and Blingz. To download the document, click here: colorcharts2. It is so awesome, I promise!!l!  I’m sure you have all figured out by now that more than a few of us here on the Jacksonbelle Team are obsessed with Shimmerz!

Have you seen all of the Shimmerz colors in stock over at the store? If you don’t see one you need, shoot Lindsey an email – I’m sure she’d be happy to let you know when it is expected back in stock!

Now, for fun, I asked all of the Design Team members to tell me what their favorite color(s) of Shimmerz were. I had to limit it to just three, lol – because we all love ALL of them so much!  Wanna know what they said? Here you go:

  1. Lindsey — Pixie Dust Blingz and Bubble Gum
  2. AJ — Pixie Dust Bligz, Hottty Pink Blingz, and December Sky Blingz
  3. Kim — Celery, Bubble Gum, and Aquamarine
  4. Kisa – Angel Wings, Celery, and Sunflower
  5. Michelle — Angel Wings, Bubble Gum, Gold Glimmer
  6. Maren — Hi Ho Silver Blingz, Spiced Cider, and Angel Wings
  7. Rachel — Butter Cream, Flashee Fushia Blingz, and Pink
  8. Melissa — Pink Poinsettia, Pixie Dust and Celery
  9. Shannan – Pixie Dust, Hottie Pink
  10. Jennifer — Pixie Dust and Key Lime
  11. Lynda — Pixie Dust, Angel Wings, Gold Glimmer
  12. Jill — Pixie Dust
  13. Beth — Angel Wings, Candlelight, and Bubble Gum
  14. Heather — Pixie Dust, Angel Wings and Gold Glimmer.
  15. Taylor — Pixie Dust, Coffee, Olive

What about you – what are your favorites? Leave us a comment and let us know!! Have a terrific day, and thanks for stopping by!